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Discover the Difference of Pure Water Window Cleaning

Absolute Window Cleaning Inc. utilizes the latest advancement in window cleaning technology with the use of a Pure Waterfed Pole (WFP) System. This deionized filtration system takes ordinary water, removes the contaminants and purifies it so that it is 99.9% pure with 000 total dissolved solids (TDS). When used with a waterfed pole, your windows will dry without spots, streaks, residue or static cling and you will be left with just pure, clean glass. This process is a low-pressure, low-flow rate cleaning process with a soft bristled brush and is not at all like having your home power washed. As always, you get a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Benefits of Pure Water Window Cleaning


Window cleaning can be a dangerous job and safety is the number one concern. Using the Pure Water Fed Pole System allows me to clean exterior windows at heights up to 50' from the ground, eliminating the need for ladders. It is by far, the safest way to clean windows.

Cleaner Glass and Frames:

Pure water leaves a shine on the glass and cleans frames and surrounding areas without the use of detergent or chemicals. The purified water actually "attracts" the dirt and grime and lifts it from the surface and is rinsed away. Because there is no leftover residue, the glass actually stays cleaner longer.

Pure Water Cleaning Technology Cleaning


"We are totally satisfied! Already have and will recommend you to others".
- Terry & Margaret, Stone Mountain

Environmentally Friendly:

It is a completely eco-friendly window cleaning solution, as no detergents are used in the process. It means no more potential damage to your home, lawns and planted areas due to ladder placement.

Let's Get A Little Technical

Water is made up of a single atom (Oxygen) and two atoms (Hydrogen) H20. These atoms coexist as two charged ions in water. A hydrogen atom is a positively charged ion, and oxygen is a negatively charged hydroxide ion. Purified water possesses a remarkable solvent capability, resulting in these charged ions to bond with other ions in the same manner. Pure mineral free water naturally wants to bond with minerals, dirt, and organic material and therefore becomes an aggressive cleaning agent. The water purification process removes all mineral and particle impurities enabling it to evaporate without leaving any trace of mineral deposits behind.

Water in its purest form (rainwater, depending upon the pollution level where you live) has zero total dissolved solids (TDS) in it. That being stated, when water passes through the deionized resin filtration system, it contains 000 TDS, therefore making it pure. After the water is purified, it is then forced through a hose to a water-fed pole delivery system. It travels up through the pole and to a soft bristled brush. The windows then get cleaned by agitating the dirt on the glass. The water acts as a lubricant to break the bond between the dirt and the glass. When the glass is clean, a final low-pressure rinse is given so that all the contaminants are rinsed away, leaving your windows clean and spot free.